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We provide planned and effective pest control Bristol on all 7 days of the week. If you need immediate help with removing mice and rats from your residential and commercial property, you can rely on our specialists to provide efficient rodent control services. From small residences to large-scale commercial pest control Bristol services, our experts are proficient in tackling all types of infestations. On every occasion, we have valued the individual needs of our clients. We have taken this into account when coming up with an appropriate pest control Bristol measure.

Why Choose Clifton Pest Control for Pest Control Services in Clifton?

Commercial Pest Control Bristol

Guaranteed Extermination

With years of experience, our Clifton pest Bristol experts will do whatever it takes to eradicate pests like rats and mice from your property. Our pest control services Bristol will cover you for your future needs as well.

Pest Removal Bristol

Prompt Services

Unlike many pest control Bristol service providers, we respond quickly to emergencies and provide fast and efficient services so that your property is free of pests and their menace.

Pest Exterminator Bristol

Fully Licensed & Protected

Our company is fully licensed in Clifton. We follow methods that are tried and tested and are trusted by all. If it is a reliable pest control service that you are looking for, you can give us a call today.

Office Pest Control Bristol

Environmentally Friendly Techniques

Clifton Pest Control’s uses eco-friendly residential and office pest control Bristol measures. We ensure that our services don’t spoil the environment surrounding your lovely property.

Our Residential And Commercial Pest Control Bristol Services

Our experts provide thorough residential and commercial pest control Bristol services for homes and businesses. What is more, our professional pest control Bristol exterminators make sure that they offer pest control solutions that are environmentally friendly. Rats and mice can damage not only your home but your place of business as well. By tending to the problem quickly and providing fast and efficient pest removal Bristol services, we can minimize the damage, leaving your premises free of any rodent infestation. Our company offers a cover and retainer pest control Bristol service. This means that you can be sure that our highly trained and licensed pest exterminator Bristol experts will be there for you in case of future needs.

Mice Control Bristol


Our licensed and experienced professionals have the necessary skills to rid your property of mice by offering top-notch residential and commercial pest control Bristol services in Clifton.

Rat Control Bristol


Rats can wreak havoc on your premises if you don’t pay attention. They can damage your property severely. This is why we offer specialized rat control services. Call our pest control experts in Clifton today to rid your property of these unwanted guests.

Stages Of Our Pest Control Services Bristol



Most of our calls consist of requests to address an already existing pest problem. Our emergency responses is prompt and friendly. We possess the ability to quickly assess a situation and implement budget-friendly solutions.



We use pest control measures that don’t harm the surrounding environment. Our experienced specialists make use of government-approved pesticides, and we ensure that infestations are dealt with thoroughly, and potential re-occurrences are prevented.



When it comes to pest removal Bristol, prevention is always better than cure. Our team will carry out a survey, identify sources of future infestation issues, and provide a detailed report consisting of a cost breakdown of preventive measures that can be taken to remedy the situation.

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