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With years of pest management proficiency and certified qualifications we strive to establish a pest-free Bristol. Besides flea fumigation & control services we also specialise in eliminating wasps, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and other destructive pests from your property. Should you detect pests in your home, garden, or farm, contact us immediately for extermination services. Our inspection services are available for those requiring help with pest presence. We proudly serve Clifton with reasonable yet highly effective flea control Bristol. Are you worried about costs? Inquire today for a free quote!

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When fleas invade your home, they are typically attracted to warm-blooded hosts like pets or humans, seeking blood meals to survive and reproduce. Once they find a suitable host:

  • They leave behind pheromones that attract more fleas.
  • This can lead to a rapid infestation, numbering hundreds or even thousands.
  • If you notice a few fleas hopping around your carpets or on your pets, it could indicate a more significant infestation lurking nearby.
    If you're dealing with fleas, it's crucial to act fast to prevent a full-blown infestation. This might prompt you to search for reliable flea control near me in Bristol to address the problem effectively.
    We provide exceptional solution to flea pest control and provide brilliant pest control services and sweep them away from your home or business premises. We conduct an exhaustive environmental survey and risk assessment before enforcing the appropriate and required flea control Bristol to resolve the issue safely, effectively and at the most reasonable flea control Bristol cost. Read our blog to know more about our flea control services and behaviour of these pests. Call us today to know more about Clifton Pest Control.

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    Wasp Control

    Identifying the key indicators can make wasp management and treatment difficult and time-consuming. Managing the nuisance and containing their rapid growth can be expensive. Contacting us can save you time and money and help you deal with many troubled nights.

    Bed Bug Removal

    Bed bug infestations have gradually risen over the last decade, and new cases are being recognised in Bristol and Bath daily. For years, we have effectively identified and eradicated bed bug infestations on domestic and commercial property through our excellent pest control Bath.

    Bee Control

    We assess colony size, assembling fabric requirements, access, reinstatement work and resources required, and we are adept at working on residential and commercial properties. Contact us for live honeybee removal from your property.

    Bird Control

    In our vast experience, most pest bird issues we deal with are Gulls and Pigeons. Our pest controland prevention specialists have an extensive exhibition of bird control solutions to assist every need and environment, both commercial and domestic properties.

    Cockroaches Control

    Cockroach pest control Bristol has been intensifying over the last decade. More homes and businesses are upset and providing a haven to these pests. Depending on the level of infestation, we will propose the cure. You will start witnessing dramatic results instantly.

    Dead Animal Removal

    Noticing the vestiges of a dead animal on your property can be a distressing and troubled experience. We have years of experience providing a dead animal removal service in Bristol for domestic and commercial customers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I know if I have a flea infestation in my home in Bristol?

      You might have a flea infestation in your Bristol home if you notice: Pets excessively scratch or bite themselves. Small, dark specks (flea dirt) on pet bedding or carpet fibres. Fleas jumping on you or your pets. Red, itchy bites on your skin, especially around your ankles and legs.

    • Clifton Pest Control employs a multi-step approach for flea control in Bristol, including: Thorough inspection to identify flea hotspots. Apply safe and effective flea treatments tailored to your property. Advice on preventive measures like vacuuming, washing pet bedding, and treating pets with vet-approved products.

    • It's recommended to schedule flea control services in Bristol at least every 3-6 months, especially if you have pets or live in an area prone to fleas. Regular treatments help prevent infestations and keep your home flea-free.

    • We offer a range of treatments, from rats and mice in your home to bird-proofing your solar panels. We also provide customised pest control for local businesses to ensure your property or premises remain pest-free.

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